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20th June 2010

11:01am: So if people in general pick up a lot of habits from their parents, are we just passing on our parents to our kids?  Even then, would it really be your parents or would it be who raised them?  And blah blah blah. 

21st April 2010

11:18pm: my grandmother's new husband reminds me of the monopoly guy... on oxygen.
Current Mood: sick

10th April 2010

8:16am: eh?
So we took River to the park last week and on the way into the park this little 4 or 5-year-old girl started telling us about dip n dots ice cream. And she talked to us for a couple minutes and walked away.  Later, she came to talk to me again.  I was standing there watching River on the swings and the other little girl came up to me and started a conversation.

Girl: I have a pet dragon.
Me: Well that's pretty cool.
Girl: Yeah.  He gonna eat someone for dinner tonight.
Me: That's not very nice.
Girl: They'll be wearing a red shirt.
Me: Uh huh.
Girl: (she nods over at River) Is that your kid?
Me: Um.... no.
Girl: Well that's okay.  She won't get eaten.  She's not wearing red.

Crouching behind have a few feet away was a little boy.  He was talking into one of those tube things you can hear in a different part of the park.  He was wearing a red shirt.

Girl: (she nods towards the boy) But he's gonna get eaten, because he's wearing red.
Me: Alright.

At that point I started to walk away from the girl.  It was kinda weird.
Current Mood: sleepy

29th December 2009

11:47pm: Am I jealous or just bitter?
 I hate how someone can go from bumming off his parents and having daddy hand him a $20-an-hour part time job as a "filler" job to moving to fucking Australia to live with his girlfriend whose parents are wealthy.  To do nothing at all related to any of his education and frolic around the coast during their summer.  And not have to worry about where he works, or if he will find a job, or how to pay bills, or really do anything financially on his own. 

Maybe I should just marry some rich old man and have a boyfriend on the side.
Current Mood: aggravated

30th October 2009

3:00am: I feel like I miss my mom more than I should.  I'm the one that left.

14th October 2009

8:00pm: Tequila?
I went to Southern Agriculture today to see if I could get Eugene a rabies shot there.  There was a board with ads posted for pets.  There were three little tabby kittens on the board.  I wanted to take all three home, but Eugene would try to eat them.  Well not really, but he would probably be pissed enough at me to piss on things.  

I start working at Barnes and Noble on Monday.  I really hope I don't want to kill everyone there.
I've been schmoozing with Biology teachers this week.  I hope that pays off for next school year.
Current Mood: drunk

1st September 2009

10:36am: Ugh.
I feel like I am invisible to the world.

Whats so hard about calling someone back?

1st April 2009

9:55pm: my supervisor is really starting to grow on me.

7th February 2009

8:01am: i've lost some shirts over the years.  and i really have no idea when.  it's weird.
Current Mood: sleepy

9th January 2009

1:24am: woot!
i just got the best message from my little brother ever. 

Hey Amour, when you come to visit can you bring your Weezer CDs so I can put them onto iTunes. They're now my favorite band. If you have any other CDs you think I might be interested in, it would be cool if you brang them too.
-Miss you,

I'm so proud.

20th December 2008

8:09pm: bah
i feel like i should be in orlando right now.  instead i'm stuck here.  and i believe i have to work on x-mas.  woot.

i've been really really homesick lately.  i miss having someone to make dinner with.  and having yo-po.  and lots of other things.

but i like tulsa.  i'm getting used to it.  i'm getting used to the fact i live in oklahoma now.  okay, not really, it still seems weird. 

i miss bobby.  but he's not at home anymore.  so i won't see him when i go home next month.  i need to go visit him in austin. 

19th October 2008

11:31pm: i could be back in nc right now.  stabbing my eyes out at a job i didn't want to be at.  oh wait.  thats now. 
except i could be comfortable.  and only have to deal with minimal idiots a day. 
stupid call center.  daniel amuses me though. 

18th October 2008

1:24am: i hate work.  but such is life, right?

i went to oktoberfest with steve tonight.  it was fun.  i bought a sweater with a llamas on it. and when we went back to steve's, i offered his gay roommate some of the nuts i bought by saying, "would you like some nuts john?  i loved them, which lead me to believe that you would love them too."

i think its funny how much i associate music with other things.  i was listening to the smashing pumpkins earlier.  and they remind me of christmas 2002.  well, more or less mellon collie and the infinite sadness, but still.  every time i listen to they i think of that christmas.  and i associate other music with certain things as well.  sometimes i wish i didn't do that. 
Current Mood: drunk

23rd September 2008

7:53am: i woke up with gravity rides everything stuck in my head. 

i miss sophomore year and all the bad decisions i made. 

and i miss the creek....

21st August 2008

8:05am: holy crap this muffin is delicious.
well, i officially live in oklahoma now.  i had to give up my nc license this morning.  it was kinda sad. 

also, i found some church pews and a pulpit for sale on craigslist.  if i hadn't gone to merritt's this morning, thats what would have made my morning. 
Current Mood: amused

16th July 2008

12:59am: i'm breaking all the rules.

and i quit tip.  it wasn't an idol threat anymore. 

22nd April 2008

9:31am: i couldn't open my eyes this morning. 

12th April 2008

7:05pm: he said something that made me immensely happy this morning.  
Current Mood: i'm baking (cookies)

3rd March 2008

4:45pm: i hate guy.  he is a worthless  piece of shit.
my contempt for him grows everyday that i work.

26th January 2008

3:12am: i came home smelling like an ashtray.  i hate it. 

13th November 2007

7:59am: I wish I hadn't stopped taking Spanish. 

30th September 2007

10:57pm: i want a small child so i can dress it up for halloween. 

16th August 2007

12:09pm: 3 shampoos and 5 showers later, and my hair won't run clear.  Gah.  Stupid blue hair dye.

29th July 2007

9:21am: it's over.  i'm being kicked out of oliver again.  it's sad really.  i don't know who i will miss more, the kids or steve.

being the non-cohesive staff that we are, only a few of us hung out last night.  we went to a strip club.  rey bought me a lap dance and i somehow ended up making out with a stripper.  whoops.  

6th July 2007

2:29am: i'm drunk and gluing eyes onto camels.  its awesome.

about a dozen and a half of us were at emily's apartment tonight bitching about the camp director.  it was awesome.

if clint didn't have a girlfriend, i totally would have gone home with him tonight.  he is a sarcastic asshole and i love it. and he has nice hair.

steven got mad at me while i was drunk again (this is thrice this week).  i really dont drink that much, yet steven has seen me drunk more than some people at home have.

i need to figure out what the fuck i am doing after graduation in may.  i've had five people tell me i should move to lawrence.  but to do what?  that is my question.

ugh.   fucking guys.  and the complicatedness. 
mmmm, vodka and beer (but not really, they're kinda gross).
Current Mood: drunk

27th June 2007

2:08am: There is mutiny afoot. 

In the next few days, I think I may threaten to walk out of the same job a second time.  I made the threat once last summer, and I'll do it again.  Again it's to back someone up that is being treated unfairly.

9th June 2007

1:09am: Oh Kansas.....
I used my fake ID for the first time last night.  And it actually worked.  Woot!  Maybe because I was with people that would make it believable that I am 28?  Hmm....

Also, unfortunatly, I have a crush on the hyper, semi-cute frat boy that I'm working with this summer.  I never thought I would sink this low.  But he's cool.

I have a head cold and we get our first kids on Sunday.  Fuck.

1st June 2007

11:29am: Driving is fun..... sometimes
So I drove to St. Louis yesterday.  It was an awesome 13 hour drive.  Woo! 

On the way, I stopped at a gas station in Kentucky that doubled as a liquor store.  There were 2 doors, one labeled "BP" and the other was labeled "Liquor".  I walked into the gas station part of it, looked around, and asked if there was a bathroom.  The guys at the counter told me there was one on the "other side" in a very hickish accent.  So I went over and went in the other door and the lady at the counter told me that I didn't look old to be in there.  I explained I just had to pee and she pointed me to the bathroom.  When I came out I asked if I could sit in the "Beer Cave"  for a little bit because I don't have a/c in my car.  The "Beer Cave" was a huge refrigerated room full of beer, go figure.  She looked at me a little funny but told me to go ahead.  It was amusing.

Another time I pulled off for gas, I was about to get back on the highway but I was stopped at a traffic light.  I notice one of those large box-storage things across the street.  Stenciled on the side was "Insulated Reefer".  Awesome.   Also there is a Santa Claus, Indiana.  I thought that was fun.

My mom's not talking to me and I think I like it.  Instead of a "happy birthday" on Monday I got a "your cat can't come over to the house and you're phone is getting turned off (because it was still connected to her plan)".  So I got a new phone and a new number because in order to keep the old one I would have had to talk to her again, and I didn't really want to.  So the new number is 919.260.3648.  And that's all I got for now. 

12th May 2007

11:03am: Don't ask me why, but we (me and the roommate and some other friends) went to karaoke last night.  It was hilarious.  This guy did Total Eclipse of the Heart and threw in the 'fucking's like the Dan Band.

27th April 2007

11:47am: Of course I am doing this while I am at work.
Three reasons why I desperately need to stop working at the library:

One: While watching The Breakfast Club recently I screamed "Nooooooo!!!!" as Jud Nelson messed up some filing.
Two: When I see peoples names in the school paper, the first thing I usually think is "Oh, they have library fines.  I filed them yesterday."
Three: I have nightmares about people stalking me in the stacks.  And people purposely mis-shelving everything.

Something is wrong with me.
Current Mood: groggy

23rd April 2007

11:14pm: I'm just a fool waiting on the wrong block, oh yeah.

9th April 2007

6:59pm: Happieness is such hard work, and it gets harder every day.

2nd April 2007

5:55pm: I am super-gluing the face plate of my phone back on for the second time now.  I just can't bare to part with it. 
Current Mood: baked.

30th March 2007

12:29pm: Oh the library.

I walked into work the other day and this little beauty was posted on our wall of shame.  I don't know who put it up, but I love it!

Really people.  This shit happens more often than it should.

Current Mood: amused

25th March 2007

2:33pm: Relay went so well this year, even if the chairs were asses half of the event.  We didn't have to stomp out HOPE this year, so that was good.  But several of us came to the realization that we are so screwed for next year.  All the important people for Relay are leaving.  There are only like 5 of us that even meet the time requirement to be a chair for the event next year.  I guess we'll see in about a week what will happen. 

I also realized that I have friends that can pull an all nighter - no problem.  But why was it so hard for the committee to stay awake for the whole event?  Around 3am or so, someone pointed out that if we were out at a party or something we would have been fine.  But at the event we were all dragging so badly. 

Roughly 30,000 in cash passed through my hands several times yesterday.  It was kinda crazy.  I felt like I could have been a drug dealer.   And speaking of drugs,  Alex came to visit me  piss-ass drunk at about 4 yesterday morning.  It was highly entertaining, not only to me, but pretty much everyone that was still up and out on the field at that point. 
Current Mood: tired

5th March 2007

12:29pm: honestly.  i want to tell her to stop coming to class. because i think she has already failed.

17th February 2007

11:35am: Jade-lin's puppy is so cute.
I went to my first strip club last night.  It was hilarious.  And of course I went with my lesbians with made it that much  funnier.  But I have to give some of those women credit because they were really good poll dancers.  I definitely do not have the upper arm strength for the stuff they were doing.  And I could never dance, let alone walk, in the shoes they were wearing.  It was a bit impressive, but I left feeling very dirty.  The evening ended with Sara and James calling me to tell me that James got his tongue pierced too.  He's the first dude I know to get his tongue pierced.

2nd February 2007

11:33am: While watching my mom's wedding video with her, I thought, "Wow. This is a great 80's mix.  Hmmm.....  Probably because it was 1987."


25th January 2007

12:35am: Ahhhh!!!!! I have a new hole in my tongue!  Te he.
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