Amo (badberries) wrote,

Driving is fun..... sometimes

So I drove to St. Louis yesterday.  It was an awesome 13 hour drive.  Woo! 

On the way, I stopped at a gas station in Kentucky that doubled as a liquor store.  There were 2 doors, one labeled "BP" and the other was labeled "Liquor".  I walked into the gas station part of it, looked around, and asked if there was a bathroom.  The guys at the counter told me there was one on the "other side" in a very hickish accent.  So I went over and went in the other door and the lady at the counter told me that I didn't look old to be in there.  I explained I just had to pee and she pointed me to the bathroom.  When I came out I asked if I could sit in the "Beer Cave"  for a little bit because I don't have a/c in my car.  The "Beer Cave" was a huge refrigerated room full of beer, go figure.  She looked at me a little funny but told me to go ahead.  It was amusing.

Another time I pulled off for gas, I was about to get back on the highway but I was stopped at a traffic light.  I notice one of those large box-storage things across the street.  Stenciled on the side was "Insulated Reefer".  Awesome.   Also there is a Santa Claus, Indiana.  I thought that was fun.

My mom's not talking to me and I think I like it.  Instead of a "happy birthday" on Monday I got a "your cat can't come over to the house and you're phone is getting turned off (because it was still connected to her plan)".  So I got a new phone and a new number because in order to keep the old one I would have had to talk to her again, and I didn't really want to.  So the new number is 919.260.3648.  And that's all I got for now. 
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